About Frank's Industrial Sharpening & Sales


Franks Industrial Sharpening and Sales began its operation in the Jacksonville area in 1997 we have been serving the north florida area for over 12 years.Frank's Industrial Sharpening and Sales Workshop


Our reputation in the Jacksonville area has surpassed the demanding requirements for re-sharpening, performance, reliability and custom satisfaction, we are the only north florida sharpening service dedicated to get the job done right and in a timely matter. We are a family owned business, Frank has been in the sharpening business sense 1981, just out of high school. Our combined experience reaches over 50 years.


Frank's Industrial Sharpening CNC sharpeningAs you see in our video we take pride in our work with our cnc equipment. This helps our customers save time and money as our automated equipment is being oil filtered and this helps to maintain the highest quality next to manufactured.

We strive to make the blade life and cut quality last as long as possible to help our customers save money. We also have a full product line and also do repairs here in our facility. We strive continuously to improve our customer satisfaction so we may give our customers fast lead times we offer a multitude of services here in our facility as you can see, spirals, diamond tooling cold cuts, etc.

Our goals are to continue providing the highest level of needs and expectation for our customers. To set precedent for quality and honesty in the market place.

We ask you to give us an opportunity to try our sharpening to see if you won’t be satisfied and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. We will be happy to have you visit us and inspect our facilities and see for your selves that we maintain the highest quality to you our customer. We will be happy to ship any where you are.

Franks Industrial Sharpening of Jacksonville is a Proud Member of ISKA


We are a proud member of ISKA the International Saw & Knife Association.